About Us

About Pitted Labs

Who We Are

Ask any surfer. “Pitted” means getting inside a wave. Gliding through the “barrel” is perfection, and everyone wants it.

It’s the reward for going out and risking it on the water. We help our clients to attain this smooth experience, and all the thrill and success that comes with it. 

“Labs” describes how we achieve exceptional results. We analyze, test, and iterate as a continuous process. We apply strategy, methodology, and careful planning to our efforts. Our playbook— just like Amazon—is ever-evolving. We have this down to a science.

Why do clients choose us? Because we’re service focused. Why do they stick with us? Because we help provide a road map to selling on Amazon. 

The beginnings

How We Came to Be

Tyler Allgaier founded Pitted Labs in 2016 while attending university and working for a local CPG startup. This startup was utilizing the Amazon consulting services of another, much larger agency who, despite this agency’s massive size and impressive client list, provided lukewarm service at best.

Pitted Labs was started and based on the foundation a service company should provide just that, incredible service, regardless of the size of the client’s budget. In the early days, it was taking conference calls in storage closets on campus. Now, Pitted Labs manages millions of dollars in ad spend and works with clients that run the whole gamut—from scrappy startups to leading household brands.

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