Amazon’s New “Climate Pledge Friendly” Badge

Climate Pledge Friendly

By 2040, Amazon has committed to reach the Paris Agreement and be net zero carbon, ten years ahead of schedule. Amazon has partnered with third-party certifications to create an Amazon specific certificate called “Compact by Design” and clearly display the “Climate Pledge Friendly” badge to inform customers about products that meet sustainability standards and have put efforts into preserving the natural world. This allows customers to shop for sustainable businesses and products. This is first of many Amazon certificates available to certify more products as ‘sustainable’ in the future.

New badging for the “Climate Pledge Friendly” initiative

How Do Products Qualify?

In order to obtain the “Climate Pledge Friendly” product detail page banner, you must be certified by Amazon’s newest sustainability certification called “Compact by Design.” This certification identifies products that have a more efficient design by removing excess air and water traditionally included in products. The qualifying products require less packaging, making it smaller, lighter and more efficient to ship. In the grand scheme, these small changes in packaging and size lead to carbon emission reductions when looking at the large quantities of shipping that Amazon does each day. Here are some graphic examples of Compact by Design  and Climate Pledge Friendly products:

To qualify, products must meet a specified “unit efficiency.” Amazon uses attributes such as packaging dimensions, item weight, and the number of units to determine the unit efficiency for each product. The unit efficiency thresholds are unique to the product category your product falls under, the lower the number, the better your unit efficiency. A full breakdown of the category thresholds can be found here (link).

Consumer Shopping Changes

Consumers will now be able to refine their searches to discover products that have the Climate Pledge Friendly badge and learn more about this new certification.

The addition of the Climate Pledge Friendly badge is a step in Amazon becoming more sustainable, as they have promised. The creation of sustainability certificates motivates sellers and brands to become more sustainable in their packaging. It also gives consumers the choice of making more sustainably-friendly choices when purchasing through Amazon.

As we approach Prime Day, additional badging elements such as these can be helpful for improving listing conversion rates and can be that “little something extra” your products can have to differentiate them from the competition.

How badging displays on the detail page


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