Atlas by Pitted Labs

Atlas by Pitted Labs

Atlas by Pitted Labs is a reporting platform developed to give you better insight into your Amazon performance. Our propriety reporting lets you look at all relevant data points side by side like Sales, Advertising, and Inventory metrics so you can make informed decisions to scale your business. 

If you work with Pitted Labs for account management, then you know just how much we value data. Having and understanding the relevant KPIs can make or break your Amazon business, whether you’re forecasting units for Q4 or trying to gauge the success of your new product launch. We were tired of having to piece together data from multiple reports and formats to get the complete view of a seller or vendor account and Atlas was born. But this isn’t a spreadsheet with your ad spend next to a list of ASINs, this is your data visualized. Our background in data analytics, retail metrics, and data visualization helped us create a platform where your opportunities are easy to spot and issues are flagged before they spiral out of control. Some examples: 

  • KPI reporting to give you instant insight into the most important metrics like Sales, Advertising ROAS, and Blended ACoS. 
  • Sales reporting is in depth and allows you to dig into top sellers, so you can make sure you’re in stock and advertising without leaving the page. 
  • Advertising reports side by side with total sales metrics, so you can understand what campaigns make the most impact and adjust accordingly. 
  • Profitability, forecasting, and inventory reporting offer additional functionality because not every brand has dedicated resources to manage these areas. 

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