Brick and Mortar Brokerage Services



Amazon may be “the everything store,” but it’s not the only place you can sell your products. For many up-and-coming brands, making products available in national chain stores can be as lucrative as selling online.

A lot of that has to do with the advantages chain retailers have over ecommerce sites. First and foremost, some customers don’t want to wait for a product to be shipped. Some like to see the product in person before making a purchase. And some customers will pick the product up on an impulse buy, even if they had never heard of it before seeing it in-store.

That’s not to say that selling through national chains is easy, though. There’s a lot involved, and a lot to manage. For those unfamiliar with managing national and regional accounts, it can be a headache at best, and a negative ROI at worst. It doesn’t have to be, though. By partnering with Pitted Labs, you can breathe easy knowing that you’ve got experts in your corner.

We’ll help you drive profitability and growth through your brick and mortar accounts. Here’s how.

Dedicated Broker for National & Regional Accounts

Just like with our Amazon account management, our brick and mortar management services include a dedicated broker to help you run your accounts. It’s a single point of contact that will go to bat for you, helping you build and maintain relationships with retailers. And we’ve worked with many major chains, including big box stores (Target, Walmart), grocers (Albertsons, Kroger), pharmacies (CVS), convenience stores (7-eleven), and sporting goods (REI).

Here’s a breakdown of what our expert account managers can do for you:

From first contact to reporting and optimization, we do it all.

B2B Consulting

Our experts can also help as you build your business, giving you actionable advice regarding things like operations, sales, and even financial strategy. 

Here’s the breakdown:

The Bottom Line
When you’re a small business looking to place your product in a national or regional chain, it can feel like the retailer has all the bargaining power. You feel obligated to take whatever agreement they offer because they have more financial weight to throw around. But with Pitted Labs, you can push back and stand your ground so that your brand gets a fair shake.