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Pitted Labs advertising is where hardened expertise meets cutting-edge technology. Our team brings insights honed through tens of millions of dollars of ad spend, and fueled by a myriad of business intelligence solutions.
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Clients With Explosive Growth Thanks to Pitted Labs Digital Ads

Every partner that we work with receives a completely custom, brand tailored strategy to drive explosive revenue. Learn how we were able to be the growth catalyst for three household brands.
  • Grocery

    It’s Skinny

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  • Health & Beauty

    Lume Deodorant

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  • Pet Supplies


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Why Pitted Labs?

1. Dedicated advertising expert with years of experience

2. Team full of Market specific advertising strategists

3. Improve brand recognition with our full funnel approach across all platforms

4. Consistent and Calculated advertising optimizations

5. Your success is our success. And we like to win!

So what do we specialize in? Glad you asked:

1. Sponsored Products

2. Sponsored Brands

3. Sponsored Display

4. Amazon DSP

5. Google

6. Meta

7. Off Amazon Attribution

They were a clear and obvious choice for us. The Pitted team really went above and beyond making sure our needs were met. They are always available. That’s probably the most important thing to us as a small, growing business. We need to have access to our Amazon provider. This is one of our leading channels.
Bryan Guadagno, CEO & Co-Founder
It’s Skinny

Tailored Growth

Even though we’ve worked with hundreds of brands across just about every Amazon category, we still treat each brand as completely unique. Our team crafts an individualized plan with each client to chart their course for conquering the marketplace.

Empowered by Technology

We maintain partnerships with several of the leading softwares in the business intelligence space to ensure that our decisions are driven by the best data available.

Focused on Strategy

Whatever your goals are, our elite team of advertisers is here to craft & implement a strategy to achieve them.

Full-Funnel, Multi-Channel

We ensure that your advertising is covered from every angle to maximize the impact of each dollar.

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