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A product and company born from passion, but needing guidance and strategy in the Amazon world, Pitted Labs applied a variety of revenue-generating tactics to launch an entire catalog of products to staggering new heights.


Although their product, a higher-priced natural deodorant, is far superior in its category, it wasn’t well known prior to meeting with Pitted Labs. They had a minimal presence in the brick and mortar world, and their Amazon sales had leveled out for a year. This meant sparse visibility, and very few product reviews. Moreover, marketing on Amazon was a mystery to them, causing more confusion than benefit.

Although Humble was small and private, with a tiny budget compared to their competition, Pitted Labs began to apply our array of marketing skills. Essentially, each promotion type (lightning deals, coupons, PPC) had to be proven to the CEO before we were allowed to run with it. All sales and promotional vehicles needed to be tested in small amounts, proven, and then scaled, but we worked within the fiscal realities.

“Tyler and the Pitted Labs team has far exceeded our expectations in their performance. Some highlights: (1) Increased monthly sales by over 10x in only 4 months, (2) propelled us from “buried many pages deep” in Amazon’s search results to the front page, and (3) provided invaluable assistance in navigating Amazon’s byzantine Seller Central website. Thanks Pitted Labs! ”
Jeff ShardellFounder | Humble Deodorant

the plan

As part of our strategy, we implemented an automated email system for Humble to better interact with customers. This significantly improved review rates, customer satisfaction, and reduced product returns. Next, we enrolled their entire catalog into the “Subscribe and Save” program to encourage repeat customers and recurring revenue.

We’re currently running aggressive PPC campaigns to win top of search placements on high traffic keywords, and a DSP campaign is retargeting relevant shoppers.

the result
Sales Growth
PPC Sales

Net, net, we have already helped to take Humble products from deep in the Amazon search results to the first page, improving their organic ranking significantly.

Results were almost instant. Within 3 weeks of starting, sales increased almost 3x. Since we started working with them, sales are 10x higher.

Humble and the executive team are now able to intelligently plan marketing and have developed a new appreciation for the many ways Amazon can support their efforts. Their social media is also better targeted and driving more business. We tapped into our trusted network of industry partners and introduced them to a partner agency who is now revamping their entire website.

In short, Humble is now growing like crazy, and working hard at meeting customer demand.


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