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Prior to Pitted Labs, Naturade was a contender in the brick and mortar space, but uncertain about how to crack into Amazon. Now they’re following a well designed strategy on Amazon, and most importantly, seeing the growth charts and new sales numbers they long aspired to attain.

Before this client came to Pitted Labs, they were a contender in the brick and mortar space, but in a complete quandary about how to crack into Amazon. They felt they were missing out, and they were—their products were relatively unknown in the online sales universe. Their best-selling product, a protein powder, was up against several enormous competitors who owned almost all of the market share.


While the company couldn’t spend the millions of advertising dollars that their competitors were, they did have wonderful products. We immediately made certain changes, going back to basics. The first was to identify and appoint a team lead at Naturade to manage their Amazon efforts internally, in conjunction with our services and strategy. We went back to basics, heavily researching their keywords against competitors in the PPC (pay per click) marketspace. We then instituted a full advertising system that incorporated all four Amazon ad types: Sponsored products, sponsored brands, product display ads, and DSP.

They now sell using both Seller Central and Vendor Central platforms, and we designed a complementary system which allows them to obtain the highest margins on each product. We worked with their graphics team to enhance their photography and design of their storefront for multiple brands as well as the A+ content. We also executed A/B testing of social media campaigns to gauge effectiveness.


Results came in quickly. Within 4 months, their weekly Amazon sales increased by 150%. Seller Central Sales alone went from $0 to over $150,000 in less than 3 months. Our on-site visit with their executives produced a strategy that not only included Amazon, but went into other advertising, off-Amazon marketing, supply chain and finance.


Weekly sales are 3X higher from where we started and the figures continue to grow, as we work with them on developing and marketing new products.