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The Dangers of the Marketplace

The Amazon marketplace is a novel island amidst the sea of ecommerce businesses. 

It has its own rules, its own advantages, and—more importantly—its own pitfalls. The benefits of using the platform may seem obvious, but the shortcomings are often harder to spot. Because they see the former but aren’t familiar with the latter, many of the businesses that sell on Amazon struggle to reach their target market and their growth stagnates as a result.

Worse yet, depending on what kind of products you sell, you may be competing directly against Amazon itself—and you don’t want to gamble against the house without an ace up your sleeve. That said, when it comes to doing business in the digital landscape, you want to cast the widest possible net, and it’s hard to get any wider than “the everything store.”

The solution

Your Guide

You don’t want to go it alone in such a volatile environment.

With so much to learn and so much at stake, it pays to bring a guide—someone who’s familiar with the waters, and who knows how to bring your ship to port.

That’s where Pitted Labs comes in. We leverage our expertise, our experience, and our industry knowledge to help you reach your market and find your niche. Then, we help you grow that niche until it’s a swelling tsunami.

We’ve helped businesses grow their sales 150% in just four months, and some nearly 700% year-over-year. It’s measurable progress towards your brand’s goals. Even better, it’s a load off of your team’s shoulders, allowing you to focus on what you do best: running your business.

Services at a Glance


  • Amazon Advertising
  • Amazon Photography & Content
  • Amazon Account Management
  • Hourly Consulting
Amazon AdvertisingAmazon Photography & ContentAmazon Account ManagementHourly Consulting
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Keyword Management
DSP Advertising
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Strategic Consulting
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How We Do It

Our Amazon services cover the three distinct needs that brands selling on Marketplace have. Here’s how it breaks down.

Amazon Account Management

With account management, we handle everything, from Amazon SEO to PPC and other advertising. Your account is an aircraft, and we give it a pilot who can make it soar.

Photography & Content

When it comes down to it, customers really are judging the book by its cover. With professional photography, digital content creation, and product copy, we can make even new brands look just as good ones with million-dollar marketing budgets.

Amazon Advertising

We’ll optimize and manage your advertising campaigns. Amazon PPC, Advertising Console, keyword management, and even DSP, we do it all.

One-off Consulting

For brands that aren’t interested in partnering with an agency, have an in-house team already, or are just looking for some advice to get started, we can still set the right course. Full-day consulting/strategy sessions, over-the-phone planning sessions, and screen share how-tos, we can show you the steps, so you can perform the dance yourself.