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Skinny Pasta has a product that consumers love, but other much bigger companies have had longstanding dominance within their category. At present, those big brands have much more money to spend on advertising. However, we’re working with Skinny Pasta to boost their sales and master their supply chain. We’ve also putting them back in Amazon’s good graces and it’s working well.


We’re independents, without any affiliation to Amazon. That said, we’re experts in how to work with them and get the most from their services. The world’s biggest online retailer has certain rules which are invariably oriented to maintaining perfect consumer relationships. We helped our Skinny Pasta client vastly improve their standing with Amazon, which had been less than stellar.

Prior to their arrangement with Pitted Labs, the client had a wonderful gluten-free pasta product, but a very small staff–none with experience in e-commerce or with Amazon.

the plan

We joined Skinny Pasta’s team and identified 3 main courses of action to improve their brand reputation with Amazon: (1) enrolling them in Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), (2) improving listing optimization and adding Enhanced Brand Content (EBC), and (3) developing an effective advertising strategy to increase brand awareness and drive sales.

Pitted Labs has been helping via enrollment in FBA, setting them up with Subscribe and Save, improving their product photography, Amazon storefront buildout, EBC design, PPC rollout, customer engagement, and inventory monitoring to minimize storage fees and eliminate stockouts.

"Tyler and the Pitted Labs team have been instrumental in ensuring a smooth and successful start to our Amazon sales."
Ran ArtsiCEO | Skinny Pasta

the result

Within 1 month, sales went from 0 units/day to 30/day. Within 12 months, ~150 units/day. Skinny Pasta has sold $1M+ since we began working together. They now hold top 100 best-seller rank within their respective category. Active monitoring and competitor analysis have even allowed us to overtake the #1 brand several times.

While growth for the brand is occasionally held back by supply-side issues, they achieve great sales figures and have built up a loyal following. We predict an excellent future for them when they reach the ability to fully scale up to the potential of the enormous Amazon market.


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