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It is the middle of the week, right after lunch time. Instead of watching the most recent season of Ozark on Netflix or the new Upload series on Amazon Prime, I am writing this blog. Why? Because it is my job and I take pride on being reliable. Many people are new to working from home. Not me. I’ve had my own home office for the last few years, enjoying my privacy, staying on task, working at my pace, always plugging away, and looking for new ways to grow. I truly believe hard-work and consistency is the key to success in many fields. I’ve always selected companies to work with that have similar values. I am happy to share, our team at Pitted Labs has the same core values!

Pitted Labs is an Amazon consulting agency. We are a dedicated team of experts that help brands optimize their Seller Central advertising strategies, manage their amazon presence on behalf of brands, and help increase sales on Amazon. Like myself, the rest of our team is still working hard every day. Why is this relevant to brands reselling on Amazon? Because as a business, you want to partner with the most dependable agencies available that know what they are doing.

Our team has all the right skills and traits to help companies achieve their sales goals on Amazon. We have a dedicated team that is trustworthy and knowledgeable on everything Amazon related. With access to Amazon DSP advertising (If your brand does not advertise through Amazon DSP, you’re missing a big opportunity), we can help reach a larger audience, improve conversions, find ways to scale your business, and implement that strategy to generate new customers.

Yesterday, I spoke to a successful multi-million-dollar business owner about managing their brand’s Amazon business. They asked me, “How are you better than other agencies and why should I let you manage my brand?”. My answer was simple: ”There are many agencies with talented people on their team. The key difference is not that WE KNOW MORE than other agencies. The reason you partner with us is because WE WORK HARDER, analyze the data appropriately, optimize campaigns at a fast pace, and have actually helped multiple brands increase their sales on Amazon”. Take a look at some of our case studies.

If you’re reading this and are in charge of Amazon sales for your brand, we offer free audits of your business where we show you what can be improved with your current strategy. Curious about learning more? Schedule a time with us. If you are just starting to sell on Amazon, here is another cool blog: 6 Common Mistakes Brands Make When Starting On Amazon.

Stay Healthy,

Adrian Sherrod

Head of Sales & Business Development


Tyler Allgaier

Taking his background in accounting and applying it to his love of all-things business, Tyler is the businessman behind the Pitted Labs curtain. Having led the financial operations of multiple startups and working with some of the nation's largest companies, Tyler knows what it takes to be successful. As a wise man once said, "Every company needs a Tyler."