Amazon Demand Side Platform

Amazon DSP

Amazon DSP is a demand-side platform that enables advertisers to programmatically buy display and video ads both on and off Amazon.


Amazon DSP (demand-side platform) allows sellers access to Amazon’s shopper database insights and use those insights to target relevant shoppers both on and off the Amazon marketplace. This powerful combination of highly-correlated audiences and advertising inventory lets brands increase the amount of high-quality traffic to their listings and drive brand awareness.


  • Pitted Labs was started and based on the foundation a service company should provide just that, incredible service, regardless of the size of the client’s budget. Pitted Labs manages millions of dollars in ad spend and works with clients that are in the startup phase to leading household brands.
  • Our Amazon Demand Side Platform experts help sellers identify their target audiences, the best areas places to place their products and how to effectively distribute marketing budget. Resulting in increased sales and a lower ACoS! We use bespoke software to help optimize campaigns more efficiently and deliver great results.
  •  We’re passionate about Amazon marketing and improving your results matters to us! We’re also one of very few agencies with access to Amazon’s Demand Side Platform. 

Years of paid advertising experience across different platforms.

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One of the very few agencies world wide who have access to amazons DSP self service platform..

We’ll use all of our experience, knowledge and know-how to wring out every last sale from your ads budget.

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Case Study #1

Health & Personal Care Brand

We launched this brand’s DSP journey by focusing on lower-funnel ASIN retargeting. Using Amazon’s product-based audiences, we were able to create a retargeting campaign that brought back recent shoppers to the detail page. This was a highly engaged and relevant audience with a proven affinity towards this brand. Within 45 days we brought back over $100k in sales that would have been otherwise lost.

Case Study #2

Grocery & Gourmet Food Brand

We built a two-pronged strategy for launching their DSP campaigns: (1) Retarget past purchasers after their initial purchase was consumed, and (2) target shoppers of competitor products using creatives that highlight the value proposition of our advertiser’s product.

The retargeting campaigns focused on customers who had purchased between 30 and 90 days ago. This generated a 5.89 return on ad spend (ROAS).

The new customer acquisition campaigns focused on increasing consideration and was optimized for detail page views. Targeting this net-new shopper elicited a detail page view rate (DPVR) of 0.71% and a cost-per-detail-page-view (eCPDPV) of $0.40. Category averages are 0.28% and $1.88, respectively.

Amazon DSP Unique Features

Dynamic Creatives

In addition to fully customizable creatives, Amazon DSP gives advertisers access to dynamic ad creatives that automatically optimize creatives to meet a campaign’s goal. The type of e-commerce creative served will be based on Amazon’s machine learning algorithm and a selected optimization goal such as click-through rate, purchase rate, or detail page view rate. The creative can include a custom designed image, or an image which is created automatically using the product image found on the Amazon detail page.

The Amazon DSP platform will build multiple versions of your ad based on an image of one of your products you choose to feature. You can also optionally upload a custom designed image to override the automatically generated version of the ad.

Proprietary & Customizable Audiences

Leverage Amazon’s exclusive and robust audience insights to hone in on your target customer. Whether your focus is on top-of-funnel awareness, mid-funnel consideration, or bottom-of-funnel retargeting, Amazon’s pre-built and custom audience features allow advertisers to target the shopper at any point of their shopping journey.

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