How to Optimize Your Amazon Product Title

How many times have you been shopping on Amazon and seen product titles that look like this?

An increasing number of sellers are adopting this strategy of flooding the product title with as many keywords as possible, in an effort to try and rank higher for those keywords. While this strategy may be effective for increasing your keyword ranking, it certainly is not effective in gaining conversions. Take a look at this product title:

“Air Lounger with bag, pockets & anchor LIFETIME WARRANTY parachute material made with heavy duty 210D waterproof PARACHUTE material blow up couch / sofa Suitable for up to 2 person (400lbs) kids & adults camping – hiking – outdoor – pool – Great furniture to use as bed / hammock / chair / mattress even FLOATS on water”

At first glance, can you quickly identify exactly what they’re selling? They include keywords such as “couch, sofa, camping, hiking heavy duty, parachute, chair, furniture” all these additional keywords are distracting the customer from the actual product, which will drastically hurt your conversion rates. 

We recently performed a case-study test where we compared the conversion rates of two identical products over 30-days. The first listing, had a title with over 140 characters, included all the high-performing keywords, and was relevant to the product. The second listing had a title of only 50 characters, no keyword spamming, and was short and to the point. The results are referenced below: 

The retail price of the item tested is $199.99 (hence the relatively low conversion rates). As you can see, using a more concise, specific product title helps the customer know exactly what they’re looking at and allows them to spend more time viewing your images and reading your product details; which gives you more time to make the sale.


Tyler Allgaier

Taking his background in accounting and applying it to his love of all-things business, Tyler is the businessman behind the Pitted Labs curtain. Having led the financial operations of multiple startups and working with some of the nation's largest companies, Tyler knows what it takes to be successful. As a wise man once said, "Every company needs a Tyler."

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