Review of Helium 10’s Cerebro Research Tool

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With all of the information floating around online about keyword research, finding and utilizing external tools is essential for all Amazon sellers and brand owners – whether you are new to Amazon or a seasoned vet. There are a vast amount of tools out there for sellers to utilize and they all have their differences. Let’s review one of our go-to tools, Helium 10’s Cerebro – Reverse ASIN Lookup tool.


What is the Cerebro tool? It is a reverse ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) lookup; call it reverse engineering for finding related keywords. By plugging in an ASIN, you get keywords related to that specific ASIN(s). Deriving from the Latin term “cerebrum” simply meaning brain, Cerebro is the brain behind this suite of tools. Using this tool for keyword research also helps in finding keywords that you may never have thought of or even considered to be profitable or efficient keywords, but the numbers don’t lie. 


The Cerebro tool is an effective and efficient way to find keywords that your products are currently ranked for, or have been ranked for recently, and what the organic rank is/was. Better yet, utilizing this tool helps find which keywords your competitors are ranking for and where they are most likely getting their sales from. You can never say with 100% confidence that you know exactly which keywords your competitors are getting most of their sales from, but from the search volume and ranking capabilities of Cerebro, you can create a good estimate.

From this tool you also get useful data such as: how many of the keywords there are total for that ASIN(s), how many of those total keywords are sponsored keywords, how many are organic keywords, how many are Amazon recommended keywords, the monthly search volume of each keyword, the organic ranking of each keyword, how many competing products there are for each keyword, and the list goes on!


As simple as simple gets, start off by entering at least one ASIN and clicking the “Get Keywords” or “Get Competitors” tabs. We are here to talk about the “Get Keywords” tab. After clicking and letting Cerebro do its’ thing, you now have access to all of the keyword information you need below. From here you can apply filters and advanced filters to refine the large amount of keywords that populate to a small, refined, and usable list.

As a little tip, the first round of filters we apply are:

  • Search Volume set to “300-Max”
  • Organic Rank set to “1-20”
  • Match Type refined to “Organic”

This is done to make sure that the keyword is being searched at least 10 times per day, the ASIN(s) are ranked in the top 20 for those keywords, and that they are only ranked organically for those top keywords. Depending on how many filtered keywords are at this point, the advanced filter can narrow the list down further. 
By clicking the “Get Competitors” tab, you will get a pop up window of Helium 10’s analysis of competitors.


Even though you need a subscription for Helium 10 to access this tool, it is well worth the cost. The power of this tool only gets stronger when you start implementing it with Helium 10’s other tools their subscription includes like Frankenstein, Scribbles, Magnet 2, Follow Up, and Profits. They do offer a free plan that includes using each tool a specified amount of times. If you are hesitant at all, go check out the free plan and see what it’s like for yourself.


Without a doubt, keyword research is one of the most important steps and concepts to hammer down if you want to become competitive and profitable in your market and eventually get those organic sales funneling in. Through using a tool like Cerebro, you can find the proper keywords, faster, efficiently, and with confidence knowing the data behind each keyword. 
For being such an easy tool to use, and the power of the data you receive, this is a no brainer. Every level of expertise can utilize this software and in a matter of minutes be able to get a wide range of related keywords.
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Hunter Stutz

After graduating from Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Hunter took his passion for business and entrepreneurship to the Amazon stage. As a successful Amazon Private Label seller himself, he has the proven knowledge and experience needed to help growth-stage businesses and brands successfully launch, grow, and sustain on Amazon.